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About Sonja Selami

Sonja Selami has over 20 years of combined experience as an attorney both domestically and abroad, with 10 years practicing in the field of Real Estate Law. She started her own practice in 2006, and has brought aboard a number of skilled attorneys along the way.

Originally from Albania, Sonja graduated with top honors from the Tirana University School of Law, soon becoming one of the youngest licensed attorneys in her city. She moved to Boston in 1996, and continued to excel in her legal studies. She later graduated from the New England School of Law, beginning her focus on matters of real estate. Learning from other successful attorneys in the area, Sonja began working closely with home buyers, sellers, lenders, and other real estate entities in a variety of different types of estate transactions. Sonja and her practice were welcomed by the Massachusetts Bar Association in 2006, and has assisted thousands of clients since.

Sonja continues to lead her team of experienced attorneys in their company headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts.


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