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Selami Law Lexington Preview

Sonja Selami Law Offices is proud to announce an upcoming summer launch of the newly renovated Lexington Office. Located in the heart of historic Lexington at 7 Muzzey Street, the modern, sophisticated, and state-of the-art update will impress all clients.…

Her Firm: A Boston Common Magazine Editorial

Her Firm: Sonja Selami is creating an empire of real estate law—and neighborly advice. In the sparkling, sun-drenched Law Offices of Sonja B. Selami ( in Wellesley Center are a long way from Tirana, Albania, where the striking brunette grew…

Selami Law: Best Houses Top Three

Sonja Selami, Esq., and Ashley Bernon introduce you to their top three luxury real estate properties listed by some of Boston's best real estate brokers. Selami Law specializes in real estate legal services for luxury properties with a one million…